- My Gratitudeby DragonSkulls
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My Gratitude by DragonSkulls
Gratitude expressed in a poem writing prompt entry

       Thank you, me, for being me.
       You are my dearest friend.
       If not for you, I'd be alone.
       To me this ode is penned.

       For no one else has been so true.
       You've held my hand through all.
       Each time I fell, who helped me up?
       It's me, if I recall.

       I guide my way through darkened paths,
       each step you take is mine,
       and I'd be lost if not for me.
       Some say it's asinine.

       My gratitude's gratuitous.
       I doubt if that makes sense,
       but dare to tell me that I'm wrong
       I'll come to my defence.

       I see myself through my own eyes
       through mirrors, duh, of course.
       The saddened day I pass away
       I'm sure I'll feel remorse.

       So once again, I thank you, me,
       for being by my side.
       When all the world's screws come loose,
       it's me I will confide.

       Don't let the masses steer my helm,
       I'll guide my boat with me.
       My gratitude's to my own self.
       I happily agree.


Writing Prompt
Poem, any style, expressing gratitude for one who made a difference in your life.


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