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Family Story Fiction contest entry
Family Day by DragonSkulls
~ FAMILY Story ~ Fiction ~ writing prompt entry

Dad had a great surprise ready for family day. It was almost our
birthdays so we knew it was going to be awesome. My twin brother,
Joey, along with me, Mom, Dad and Grandpa all jumped excitedly
into the car.

When we arrived at Ulysses Unicorn and Unicycle Ranch, we
all yelled, "Yay!"

When the owner asked, Dad and Grandpa decided on unicycles
while Mom, Joey and me picked unicorns to ride. "I see you folks
chose the flying package today."

"Yes, sir, we did, " Dad replied.

The man whistled and then a million fairies flew out from the forest
and surrounded us. They sprinkled us down with fairy dust and
we all began floating. "This way," Dad yelled, gesturing as he
started furiously pedaling his unicycle.

We rode the unicycles and unicorns to the top of Make-believe
Mountain and stopped to rest. "That wasn't the whole surprise,"
Dad gleefully boasted.

Moments later, we were totally shadowed from the sun. An
enormous flying saucer hovered overhead and then a huge,
red light came down and beamed us up into the ship.

For laughs, they had a sign that read, 'This is a no probing zone.'

While serving us hot tea and cocoa, they telepathically asked
where we wanted to go. Grandpa yelled out, "The Dinosaur age,"
and we all agreed.

"It's your dime," the alien pilot said. We circled the earth
counterclockwise until we picked up so much speed it was
just a blur. Then we stopped, landed and exited the UFO.

It was amazing. We saw brontosaurus, stegosaurus, flying
pterodactyls, all of them. It was great. Grandpa got a little
ahead of us and one of the aliens yelled, "Hey, I wouldn't
get too close to that!"

Then instantly, a T-rex gobbled Grandpa up in one single
bite, unicycle and all.

The same alien yelled, "Ahhhh, tour's over, folks, back on the bus!"

Before we knew it, we were on the mountaintop again. While we
were gone it had rained a little but was clearing up. That's when
Mom said, "Let's ride the rainbow down," so we did.

At the bottom we got a free pot of gold from a midget in a green
suit. That helped Dad pay for the missing unicycle at the checkout

It was the perfect family day, all except for the T-rex devouring
Grandpa part.

Once we were home, we all took out our souvenirs from the different
gift shops. Joey had a pterodactyl keychain with his name on it. Mom
showed off her rainbow necklace. I waved my stuffed unicorn in the
air and Dad held up his shirt that said, 'I was abducted by aliens and
all I got was this lousy T-shirt.'


Writing Prompt
No vulgar words, sexual terms, murder, or profanity allowed--no warnings
No Stories about Christmas or Christmas Day/ MUST be about a HUMAN family
Minimum of 400 and maximum of 460 words
No writing on the ONE picture that's allowed /No animation with picture or music
One color of font only


Author Notes

I figured let them read fiction if it's a fiction contest. That's just me. Lol
Thanks for reading. I created this silly pic from a couple different Google Images.


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