- He Gave Me Guidance by DragonSkulls
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Supernatural Fiction contest entry
He Gave Me Guidance by DragonSkulls
    ~Supernatural Fiction ~ NOT HORROR Contest Winner 

On Christmas Eve, I joined a writing contest. Out of eight entries,
none were about Christmas. I found that odd but hey.

After the deadline, I checked and the last submitted piece, sure
enough, was on Christmas. Not that great either, just the same
lame thing we've read a million times over. I wasn't worried
though. My piece was deep and thought provoking. I had the
prompt in the bag.

Hours after the contest went to booth, I'll be a monkey's uncle
if the dumb piece about Christmas wasn't in the lead. While
getting flustered at the seemingly low mentality of the voting masses,
I heard noises from my bedroom.

I opened the door and there in the dark was an old man spirit floating.
He looked like the grim reaper but wrapped in chains. Shocked and
stunned, I asked, "Who are you?"

Chains rattled as he neared, "I'm the ghost of Christmas prompts."

My voice trembled. "What do want of me?"

"I must show you." He reached out from the cloak with a bony
hand and I took it. Instantly the room started spinning around us.
I felt time actually shifting. When it all stopped, we were beside
an older version of me, sitting at my computer.

"He doesn't know we're here," the old Leonard Nimoy lookalike said.

I watched me shake my head in disbelief. Twenty years later and
people were still voting for lame Christmas writes on Christmas. I
turned to Leonard, "I see now. There's no winning. No matter how
sorry the piece is, a Christmas entry will always win on Christmas.
I get it now. I get it."

I reached for his hand again. "Where now?"

"The past."

We went clear back to this year's Christmas Eve Eve. He pointed
at the screen. I had 370 member dollars, five more than after
entering that dumb prompt. I fell to my knees and wept. I begged,
"Please, is there any way to let me just stay here...and salvage any
dignity I might have left?"

"Are you stupid? No. Just write about Christmas on Christmas, you idiot."

I'll forever trust old Leonard Nimoy's lookalike guidance.


Writing Prompt
No vulgar words, profanity, sexual terms, murder, or gory story, or ANY warning labels allowed
Minimum of 300 and maximum of 360 words
No writing, music, animation, on the ONE picture that's allowed
One color of font only

~Supernatural Fiction ~ NOT HORROR
Contest Winner


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