- Theft of a rainbowby Wendy G
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Theft of a rainbow by Wendy G
A Rainbow writing prompt entry

Rainbows – given as a promise free
Judgement no more, by world-wide flood.
The lesson had to be learned, you see 
The price of evil is always blood

Showing skill of His own design
With prisms of refracted light
Drawing eyes up to see His sign
Beauteous to behold the sight

He made the laws of physics so
Rainbows would remind and teach
Causing us to turn to him and know
A new beginning was free for each.

Some scoffed - mocked at God's warning,
And stole for themselves His sign
They said a new day is dawning
Distorted God's message divine

"Peace," they declare, "and inclusion
For all of us on this our earth
Don't call us out for our delusion
That we're this way right from birth!

We're all on a spectrum, don't you see
And being different is our choice!
You can be you, and yes, I'll be me,
And we don't want to hear God's voice."

His ways are just, it's clear to me
God told us not to steal
It's not possible for you to see
The rainbow was His big deal?

And He remains Creator God
And we must understand
It's not for us to change His word
And the message He has planned.
So let's reclaim the sign
The rainbow's still not theirs
It's God's own promise – His not mine –
And shows us that He cares.


Writing Prompt
Write a poem of any kind about a rainbow.

Author Notes
To me it is inappropriate for any community to adopt the symbol of the rainbow as its own. I have friends who are gay, and respect their freedom to choose their lifestyle. However I do not like to see God's special promise given a different meaning. I know that saying so is not "politically correct", but Christians also have a right to express their opinions.


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