- Waitingby Paul McFarland
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One of life's many decisions
Waiting by Paul McFarland
    Love Poem Contest Winner 

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What is that word I'm looking for
To show you how I feel?
I think we'd better talk this out,
So we can close the deal.

A lifetime of commitment,
Well, at least a year or two
Is what we must agree on now,
And it's all up to you.

For me it is quite easy.
There was never any doubt..
If you're still undecided,
Maybe I can help you out.

I got a raise at work,
And we will really be all right.
But if you want to wait awhile,
Until you see the light,

I'll patiently be waiting,
But I think you ought to know
That someone else will buy this condo
If we act too slow.

Writing Prompt
Write a love poem without using the words love, kiss, romance, soul,heart,boyfriend, girlfriend, husband wife or sexual terms.
Love Poem
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