- Each Stranger's Kissby Raul1
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A man and a woman kiss.
Each Stranger's Kiss by Raul1
100 Word Dash writing prompt entry

Lisa and Burt don't know each other. They are strangers. But, they kissed between their lips. She doesn't know who he is but is a kind person.

She begins experimenting with him by asking questions. He responds to every one of them. Lisa is satisfied that she will go out with the stranger.

"I don't even know you, but I kissed you," Lisa said.

"I know, but I liked it. You're attractive." Burt said.

"Let's go out, and we will kiss more between us strangers," Lisa replied.

"Good idea. I like your plan," Burt said.

They are not strangers anymore. Burt and Lisa are happy.

Writing Prompt
Topic: A first kiss between strangers.

Let's take flash fiction to the extreme. Can you tell a complete story with just 100 words. If so this is your opportunity to shine.


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