- Make your Soul Happyby Melodie Michelle
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We need more time - Make the best out of the time you have
Make your Soul Happy by Melodie Michelle
Rhyming Poem contest entry
Make every second count, you never know when your time is up!

Why isn't there
more time?
Once we reach
a certain age ...
more time
here with
our people
so that when
the time does come,
we will be turning the page ...

Through the
birth of babes
and grands,
even great grands too ...
Through many
failed relationships,
until I met my boo ...

The time has passed
by so quickly
Seems like yesterday
when I was young ...
Also, is when I finally
met my amazing
hero unsung ...

It's kinda hazy
looking back
at my entire
life as a whole ...
Bad decisions
and mistakes galore
cover my existence
but they never
touched my soul ...

I want to live
to be one hundred
and three,
to help others
if I can ...
That makes me happy
to see others smile,
I know it's part
of my life's plan ...


Author Notes
We all need more time but sometimes we don't have it, so make the best out of what time you have in the present!

Be grateful for every second you're alive!

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