- Watch Where You're Walkingby DragonSkulls
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Witty Animal 5-7-5 contest entry
Watch Where You're Walking by DragonSkulls
    Witty, Animal 5-7-5 Contest Winner 

The donkey nearly
fell in the well but Frank yelled,

"Hey watch out, ass hole!"


Writing Prompt
Write a witty (with pun or play on words) 5-7-5 poem, that entails/involves an animal. The 'pun-ier' the funnier.
Witty, Animal 5-7-5
Contest Winner

Author Notes
For all those who's head this is going over, Frank isn't calling him an asshole.
He's saying watch out for the hole an ass could fall in. Just my feeble attempt
at a play on words for a witty prompt entry, if for some reason it wasn't clear.

I created this silly pic myself from a couple different Google images.


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