- Getting readyby Cogitator
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Grow into eternity
Getting ready by Cogitator

My body's dead, I just exist
I am now part of energy
It always flows, lets us subsist
Always seeking our synergy

Life is not ours, we just use it
To create links to our visions
We'll reach them all if we persist
Unless we make wrong decisions

All material is confluence
Of thoughts that merge in congruence
Winnow the chaff with common sense
Become the one with influence

Our path is clear, we have to learn
What we're made of, just as I've done
Desire hurts and makes us yearn
It's all the same for everyone

Ready ourselves for adventure
Let loose the pain and the reward
We must reject all indenture
Leave past behind and come aboard

The ship we're on is destiny
The fare is free, we're all equal
Where we're headed there's no money
This current life has a sequel

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