- Looming Darknessby SHABAMO
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Evil & Hate have consequences
Looming Darkness by SHABAMO
No Rules Poetry Contest contest entry

In the dark of the trees,
The water must freeze,
From an unnatural cold,
Brought by a creature untold,

In no myth and at no time,
Has there ever been a rhyme,
To describe this bloody beast,
Unleashed by Hells high priest,

It was born from malice,
A poisoned nation downs a chalice,
Hate between country and kin,
Unleashed this thing born of sin,

We think of this land as our new world,
Oh how twisted and how curled,
This land is as old as the others,
And does not like when we harm brothers,

It will emerge from hidden lair,
Causing many to kneel in prayer,
Bowing down to a new master,
Deepening impending disaster,

No stingers and no claws,
No wings or scary maws,
Just a look at our own hearts,
As we pummel one another with darts,

So smile at your neighbor even if you disagree,
Partisan hate should not be like this you see,
We all claim freedom is what we most crave,
So release your hate and all you will save.


Author Notes
I started writing this about an actual monster in the forest, but it flower out in a way that made me think the scariest thing about America is our own divisiveness.

We all say we value freedom but we mean different things by it. I would like to see people unify but the love of freedom, and then find ways to make it work together.


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