- The Rideby DragonSkulls
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Short Story contest entry
The Ride by DragonSkulls
Short Story writing prompt entry

An autumnal moon cast a reddish glow over the landscape as
Jake waited for a taxi. Beside the fact that it was unbearably
humid and nearly eighty five degrees, he dreaded this ride,
as all the others before, but it had to be done. There was no
other way around it.

He wiped sweat from his forehead while entering. After
greeting the driver and mentioning how much he despised
the heat, he gave the address where he wanted to go. The
meter was flipped and they pulled away from the curb.

Jake read the nametag and started up a conversation, "So,
William, how's life in the city of angels?" They had a long
discussion about everything: politics, covid, Afghanistan,
the trillions just being flushed down the toilet, everything.
Jake learned about William's struggles of becoming a scientist,
his parents, his loving wife of three years, his schooling
and the goals and dreams that stretched far beyond his taxi
driving job. Jake mostly listened, adding his two cents in
where needed. When they drew closer to the destination,
Jake thought to himself, why. Why did he always do this?
Nothing William had to say mattered. Just sitting quietly
in the back would have made this much easier.

Once they arrived at the fake address Jake gave to
William, Jake pulled out a silenced .45 and aimed at
William's skull. "I'm truly sorry, friend, but I have to
do this. It's nothing personal but I simply have to eliminate
every taxi driver in LA...every last one. I know, eventually,
you'll expand, you all will. Then my own career, my
livelihood will become obsolete. I just can't let that
happen. Again, I'm sorry."

William's last words were, "What career could possibly
be worth all this?"

Jake answered, "I'm an Uber Eats driver."


Writing Prompt
Write a short story (beg/mid/end) 300 words(create your own title) beginning with the sentence:

An autumnal moon cast a reddish glow over the landscape as Jake waited for a taxi.

Author Notes
300 words.


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