- They'll Never Knowby DragonSkulls
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They'll Never Know by DragonSkulls
Use These Words writing prompt entry

I think I'll join the site again
like I see some folks do.
Instead of being only one,
I'll keenly change to two.

I'll give myself such great reviews,
a sixer every time.
With love, I'll answer each review
as if the praise weren't mine.

How beautiful the verse shall flow
though trust is lost through pen.
I might even cast a vote
for my own self again.

I'll pretend that no one sees
how happy these lies feel,
while seeking comfort in my ruse
so blatantly unreal.

I won't be scared for what I hide
though it's so sadly sick
to let betrayal play the fool
on those so densely thick.

And maybe I should not stop there
to win these games of rhymes.
I'll take each win if multiplied
let's say
a hundred times.

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Author Notes
We're not all blind.


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