- Apocalypse pt. 9by estory
This work has reached the exceptional level
A world that has forgotten God
: Apocalypse pt. 9 by estory

In this far off time and place at the end of the world
we have forgotten prayers and the faith we had in God
the selfless love given by Christ upon the cross
and the resurrection from the graves

We have forgotten the bread and the wine that bound us
together in the Word and the Spirit
that raised the roof with hymns

We have forgotten the homeless men
out in all kinds of weather
and the drugged and bedraggled women
and the hungry, dirty children
left behind by the Apples and the Amazons
of this world

We forget that we are servants of each other
in this rat race to get ahead and make a name for ourselves
on the social media bulletin boards of stars
star crossed with themselves

We have forgotten our marriage vows
our children in our mad dash
to find ourselves somewhere
out in the flashing tangled instant gratification
of disconnected moments scattered across the far flung
schematics of applications downloaded from the social network

We are lost somewhere in a loop of computer graphics
on a video game distraction in the middle of nowhere


Author Notes
The modern day obsession with instant gratification and fame and fortune has drowned out the presence of God in our world; there is hardly a moment when you even find the name of Christ or God even mentioned on TV or the social media, hardly a moment when one prays, in this focus on science and technology and self gratification and self love. Need we wonder why our families are falling apart and our society is falling apart? When a society turns from God, this is the result. Violence, self obsession and bitter squabling over money and power. estory


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