- Starboundby Paul McFarland
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Commercial fishing boat, Starbound, sank. Three lives lost.
Starbound by Paul McFarland
Faith Poetry writing prompt entry

As I set sail some starlit night
Upon a storm tossed sea,
I think of loved ones left ashore
And what they mean to me.

And as I brace against the breeze
And taste that salt sea air,
I grasp the rail and bow my head
And offer up this prayer.

O Lord, I ask that on this trip
We have fair wind and tide,
And if we have rough sailing, Lord,
You'll be there by my side.

But if I never take a step
Again on solid ground,
I'll be content to cast my lines
From Earth and be Starbound.

Writing Prompt
Write a poem about your faith.

Author Notes
Starbound was a Commercial fishing boat that was run down by a Russian tanker off the coast of Massachusetts. Out of a crew of four, only one survived.


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