- Juneby Paul McFarland
This work has reached the exceptional level
A brief discourse on marriage.
June by Paul McFarland
Sonnet writing prompt entry

The wedding month for those who wish to wed.
Tradition though is fading as we speak.
It seems that if you want to share your bed
And want more than a peck upon your cheek,

Today you need no justice of the peace
To utter words that tie the fateful knot.
For if one party were to seek release,
The they could part without a second thought.

No wedding vows today, no sacred seal,
No rings to symbolize immortal love,
No church or synagogue to close the deal,
And now no confirmation from above.

So since from marriage now we are immune,
We then should find a better use for June.

Writing Prompt
Write a Sonnet( any type of Sonnet) about the month of June- create your own title.

Author Notes
Are we better off to discard the traditional marriage and replace it with a handshake?


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