- The Wonderful Month of Juneby RodG
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A nostalgic sonnet
The Wonderful Month of June by RodG
Sonnet writing prompt entry

When young, I truly loved the month of June,
as school let out with many shouts "We're free!"
The skies were blue, the days sunned warm and soon
we rediscovered friends, played endlessly.

Our world was small--backyards, sand lots nearby,
a ditch that flowed a ways to reed-fringed pond.
When balls were hit, you'd hear a fielder cry,
"It's mine!" unless t'was tagged far, far beyond.

Did we discriminate? No, no not us.
Some girls could spank the ball and throw it hard.
You should have heard them heckle, jeer and cuss.
They helped us win most games and often starred.

In June we thought, "This summer's just begun.
Each day we'll play together, having fun."

Writing Prompt
Write a Sonnet( any type of Sonnet) about the month of June- create your own title.

Author Notes
The artwork is by Vickie Wade, courtesy of Google images.


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