- Misplaced Angelby Suzanna Ray
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Entry for Loop Poetry Contest
Misplaced Angel by Suzanna Ray
Loop Poetry Contest contest entry

 Because of an error made in Heaven, an Angel was sent to where she should have never been.
Been in that place with lots of people
People filled with vice and sin. 

It wasn’t long before it started to show
Show, how kind that angel was inside.
Inside that Place, of  false promises.
Promises made to those people So snide

Snide and hateful too! With pride,
pride in their adulation.
Adulation of a fellow named Lucifer
 Lucifer himself, just starting his celebration.

Celebration, showing one and All.
All the evil He could do.
Do to all the millions of fools.
 Fools that sought the few.

Few corrupting things He promised. Gold,
Gold, Power, Fame and Fortune. There,
there His  Final place of suffering.
Suffering with no care or consolation, and where,

where in flames of fire, they would stay.
Stay for all eternity and thirst  forevermore.
Forevermore to suffer for their most foolish gains.
Gains that proved useless in that hellish place, that lay in store. 

Store up instead, gratefulness.

Gratefulness in place of gold.
Gold, That will not last,

Last a moment in the cold.

Cold and lonely places, where,
where are all those who choose to go. 

Go to collect their rewards, to that place.
Place of final retribution, and finally know.

 Know what a living hell is like.

Like unwelcomed scorn. 
Scorn that shrivels souls. 
Souls that soon will rue  and mourn
Mourn for a life ill fated, now most hated, now reviled.
Reviled  and with dread, and wishing one was dead. 

 Dead to anything that even cared.
Cared that that angel was born ahead,

ahead of her incarceration. 
Incarceration Out of Time, 
Time and space. An Angel, 
Angel misplaced for no rhyme.

Rhyme or Reason. 
Reason,  given for the claim,  
Claim  for their choices. 
Choices that lead to Heaven or to Hell, the            choosing is the same.


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