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When love grips tight you...
Can't Let Go by Boogienights
Loves betrayal writing prompt entry

I was lost in thought remembering your face
and the way at night you touched me in my sleep.
I'd awake inside your warm and sweet embrace,
as we kept the promises we swore to keep.

That we always kiss before we say goodnight,
to stand, no matter what, beside each other.
And if we wronged each other, make it right.
And never secrets, keep from one another.

Now I'm lost in thought remembering your face,
sad the way the bed on your side feels so cold.
I awake each night to find an empty space,
as the promises you swore no longer hold.

Since you left there's no one there to kiss goodnight,
no one to stand beside me should I fall.
All the wrongs you have committed you can't right,
as your secret lover holds you in her thrall.

Though inside deep down, revenge I'd like to seek,
there is still a part of me that loves you so.
And if you should touch me I fear I'd be weak,
drowning in your charms, not wanting to let go.

It's my fear that I will never find some peace,
for the love I feel for you will never end.
Is it this way love so true comes to a close?
With a bitterness forgiveness can't Transcend?

Writing Prompt
Write a poem about a lovers betrayal. Any length or style will be fine.


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