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Victory In Jesus
Freed From Sin by pharp
Faith Poetry writing prompt entry

Satan's fixed on having total control;

He uses guilt and shame to tug at one's soul.

He'll beat you down with loathing and deceit;

He preys on the poor, rich, and the elite.

Having faith in God has opened my eyes -

His loving ways will never traumatize.

I am free from the suppression of sin -

God's grace is absolute; His love transcends

God corrects me when I am out of line;

His eternal peace, He'll never decline.

Amid all of my faults, He loves me still -

I'll live by His commands and do His will.

It's liberating to have peace of mind,

To know I'm not spiritually blind.

To be humble in Christ is joy divine -

Justified by faith, my birthright defined.

I'm free from fear, guilt, and a world of shame;

I can now hear Christ when He calls my name.

Redemption through Christ's blood has saved my soul -

His love, grace, and mercy have made me whole.



Writing Prompt
Write a poem about your faith.


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