- Goodbye Pretty Rickyby nomi338
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The Downfall of a popular performer.
Goodbye Pretty Ricky by nomi338

Goodbye Pretty Ricky
Pretty Ricky was his nick name,
Folks thought it was cool, but it caused him pain.
Born in a town called Fargo, moms named him after Ricky Ricardo.
His mother's name was Sue, his daddy's name was John,
They were surprised to learn that they would have a son.
So, they left Ricky on the church doorstep,
John ran to the right and Sue went to the left.
Ricky was talented, he could sing, and he could dance,
He would perform, whenever he got the chance.
He looked like Elvis, sang, and danced like James Brown,
Wherever he performed; he brought the house down.
Ricky made money, but he had a hole in his soul,
This hole he could not fill, with sex, alcohol, or a pill.
He disappeared one day, and was not seen again,
This farewell letter he then penned.
"To my every fan and friend, this is the end."


Author Notes
The photo is courtesy of via Aejaz Memon.
Please know that this is a totally fictional account. It is not intended to reference anyone alive or dead. It is just my fanciful story of the rise and downfall of a popular performer. While it could happen as written. I do not know if has ever happened.


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