- Enjoying The Park Againby DragonSkulls
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100 Word Story contest entry
Enjoying The Park Again by DragonSkulls
    100 Word Flash Fiction Contest Winner 

I was born blind and raised on the outskirts of Chicago. A long
time ago, I frequently visited the park, enjoying the beautiful days,
feeling the precious sunlight on my face.

But here of late, that has all changed. After being robbed numerous
times, I stopped my daily walks. I even feared to simply go outside
for air. The thugs in the neighborhood ruled the streets. No one was

I made a choice to not live in fear anymore and again began
enjoying the park's solace. Hoodlums never stalked me since...
since the day I seeing eye bear.


Writing Prompt
Write a flash fiction story. 100 words exactly. Title not included in count.
100 Word Flash Fiction
Contest Winner

Author Notes
I created this silly pic myself from a couple different Google Images.


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