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observation of my own junk in a poem
Sunnilicious' NaPoWriMo, April 2021
: Junk Bowl by sunnilicious

I have a nice crystal fruit bowl
It could hold a lot of apples and oranges
But I enjoy the taste of raw salads better;
Be still my junk.

Shuffle and twitch...
A gemstone necklace waits to be worn,
As the Legend of the Shark Tooth lives
And Pup Dracula watches over it.

Shuffle and twitch...
A cone lantern with business card in a blue bag
And an old Ziploc holds a minature wind chime
As a holiday ornament prances in place.

Shuffle and twitch...
And an untouched fragrance sample
In a fabric bag with a plane pin and wine cork
As another sachet holds simple souvenirs.

Shuffle and twitch...
A voodoo keychain gifted from a secret santa past
Mmhhh, and I won me some sex dice;
Be still my junk.

Shuffle and twitch
Hustle that kitsch


Heart In Heart

Author Notes
NaPoWriMo Writing Prompt Day 10 - Listen to a song and take notes. Find a junk draw and take notes. You should have about 2-pages of notes. Now, write a poem or song. It√???√??√?¬¢??s called √???√??√?¬¢??Junk Drawer Song,√???√??√?¬¢?? and comes to us from the poet Hoa Nguyen.

1) National Poetry Writing Month, April 2021 -


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