- My Night In Jailby DragonSkulls
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Mirror Story contest entry
My Night In Jail by DragonSkulls
The Mirror writing prompt entry

My family has had a mirror handed down through generations. I've had it hanging on our foyer wall for over a decade. An antiques roadshow was coming to a town, eighty miles from where we lived. I decided to go see what this vintage mirror might actually be worth. My wife and I were never able to have children and my parents passed away years ago. With no one to hand it down to, it really didn't hold much value to me, so parting with it wouldn't actually have broken my heart.

My wife had prior arrangements, so I packed the mirror up and headed to Daytona by myself. The line to this place was outrageous. Good thing I wrapped it in plastic because half way to the entrance, it started pouring. By the time I was sitting in front of an appraiser, I was sopping wet and not very chipper. He examined it carefully as I waited in anticipation. Five minutes later, imagine my surprise when he told me, in not so few words, that it probably wasn't worth the gas money I had spent to bring it there. I closed my eyes and shook my head.

The guy at the table next to me, who just found out his hideous vase was worth twenty thousand dollars, mockingly said, "Hey, I'll give you ten bucks for it."

I picked up the mirror, went over to where he sat, then blasted it into shards over his head and shouted, "Sold!"


Writing Prompt
Write a 250 word story featuring a Mirror.

Author Notes
If, when growing up, you didn't see the antics of Tom and Jerry or Bugs and Daffy
as being humorous, then just imagine that this piece was posted under 'General Fiction'
rather than 'Humor.'


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