- The Listby Debra White
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Rispetto in Reverse
NaPoWriMo 2021
: The List by Debra White
NaPoWriMo April Poem-A-Day contest entry

Above, you'll see a lovely list
of random words. I can't resist!
The words have come from who knows where.
(That's not important, to be fair!)

I'll write a poem each April day.
Your int'rest I hope to engage.
And from the list I will not stray -
It will become my contents page.



Author Notes
For every day/date of the NaPoWriMo poetry challenge, I will take the corresponding word from the list and write a poem inspired by the word. I will then post the poem into this book. Sounds simple, right?! Ask me at the end of April!

Please stick with me - I need the encouragement!
I hope that you enjoy reading my poetry.

Rispetto - An Italian form of poetry. A complete poem of two rhymed quatrains with strict meter. The meter is usually iambic tetrameter with a rhyme scheme of 'abab ccdd' (shadow I have written my Rispetto with the rhyme scheme reversed.


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