- Mama, Guess What I'm Going To Beby Begin Again
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Mama, Guess What I'm Going To Be by Begin Again
From The Mouth Of A Child writing prompt entry

“Mama, Our teacher asked what we wanted to be when we grow up.”

Her arms stacked with dirty dishes, Mama nodded and turned toward the kitchen. “Bring the basket of biscuits with you, Emma. Grab the lemonade, too.”

Emma did as Mama asked, but continued with her story. “I want to be a writer.”

“That’s nice, sweetheart. That D in handwriting doesn’t look too promising. Maybe you should practice before it’s time for bed.”

“That’s silly, Mama. Writers use typewriters or computers.”

“True! How about those spelling words? A writer needs to make sure the words are used correctly and spelling is a must.” Mama put water in the sink.

“I know!  That’s why Grandma gave me a new dictionary last year for my birthday.”

“You mean the one that’s still in the box? Hasn’t been used much, has it?” Mama began washing the dishes. “Grab a towel, Emma. Let’s get these done.”

“Mama, if I’m going to be a writer, I need to talk with my muse and decide what to write. I won’t have time for dishes or cleaning.”

“Interesting. Your muse, huh?” She handed a dish towel to her daughter. “ This muse must be pretty smart. Does he tell you what to write?”

Emma wiped the plate dry while pondering the question. “Not exactly. Teacher says the muse is our imagination at work.”

“I see. Well, you have quite an imagination.” Mama chuckled. “Remember that scary monster under your bed?”

“Not fair! That was last year and I was only six.” The young girl was indignant. “I’m grown now.”

“Oh, of course.” Mama handed her a bag of garbage. “Go put this outside.”

The child’s eyes widened. “But it’s dark outside. And my muse needs me.”

“Tell him you’re doing research.” Mama still held the bag of garbage.

“Research? On what?” Emma looked confused. “Garbage?”

“Oh no, Emma. Set your goals higher.” Opening the door, Mama added, “Imagine exploring the dark vast unknown.”

It was pitch black outside. A dog barked.

Emma closed the door.   “I know! Let’s eat ice cream while I rethink my career.”

Writing Prompt
Write a story with 350 words - "From The Mouth Of A Child. Any chosen topic but must include a child's thoughts.


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