- If Only (a winter sonnet)by DragonSkulls
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Winter Sonnet contest entry
If Only (a winter sonnet) by DragonSkulls
Winter sonnet writing prompt entry

      Amid the winter's cold, I walk alone,
      admiring the beauty offered here,
      that holds a precious calm she calls her own,
      with hopes that spring might pause in wait this year.

      I close my eyes and listen to the sound,
      then hear dear winter whisper on the breeze.
      So softly she engulfs my quaint surround
      and elegantly sets my mind at ease.

      But with her she unknowingly shall bring
      a minor flaw that some aren't meant to see.
      A little fault that I find rare in spring
      with friends or loved ones gathered close to me.

      If only winter changed in this regard,
      I'd fear not face the world with nipples hard.


Writing Prompt
Write a sonnet about WINTER. It can be any format. The only requirements are (1) that it has 14 lines and (2) that it rhymes. NO FREE VERSE.


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