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Quantum Leap Contest Entry

Noah Mission Log: 38.914

by DragonSkulls

Quantum Leap Into Time Contest Winner 
Noah and the Ark with Animals (The Lord Fulfilleth All His Words)

We're known as M.A.S.Q.U.E. (Military and Science Quantum Universal Exploration.) Our elite team of leapers are hand chosen to change history for the benefit of mankind. We travel through time and occupy a particular target. Their physical appearance remains the same but we control their actions according to our assignment. Once the mission is complete, we return to the exact moment we left.

I've been an agent for twenty-seven years and my seniority allows me to pick and choose the assignments I wish. Today, in the briefing room, from the three options I was offered, I chose Noah.

I walked into the quantumater capsule and strapped myself into the chair. Over the intercom, I heard the flight director tell me everything was a go. I gave him a thumbs up and the massive metal rings around the quantumater started to spin. When the rings reached maximum launch speed, every cell of my body dematerialized until just my subconscious remained. I whirled effortlessly through time and space. Within moments I had reached my destination. I opened my eyes and I was Noah. The robe I wore was itchy and smelled of llama.

I was on my way to see my son, Shem, when I then heard the Lord speak my name. I instantly knew that the flight director had miscalculated the time of my arrival. What that meant was that I was going to be spending the next one hundred years building the ark. And I did just that.

I listened to every detail of how the ark was to be designed and built. Over the next ten decades, my sons and I constructed the mighty vessel to precise specifications. Then finally came the day that I should have arrived, the loading of the animals, two by two.

I stood at the giant door watching as every designated beast and fowl entered. I offered any and all people to come aboard and join us. This was refused with mockery, though they were watching this miracle as it happened.

On the fourth day, the last of the animals boarded and the rain began to fall. The time had come to close the mighty door. As the door was being hoisted shut, I thought to myself how my mission was not yet complete, but knew in seconds that it would be. I removed one sandal and waited. A bead of sweat rolled down my brow. The last one hundred years had led to this very moment. Just before the door closed completely, two mosquitoes flew in through the opening. "Die, you bloodsucking spawn of Satan!"

And with one quick slap of my sandal, mankind was freed.

Mission complete.


Writing Prompt
Write about taking a quantum leap into someone else's life. Pick any event in history and a famous person who played a role in it. Describe how you'd change the outcome of the situation. Would you make something positive happen? Would you prevent something negative from occurring? Write about this subject in 100 - 700 words.

Quantum Leap Into Time
Contest Winner

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