General Fiction posted June 20, 2020

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Animals hitting back

Animals unite

by dmt1967

Horror Writing Contest Contest Winner 
Leo the lion, king of the jungle gave an almighty roar.

The animals stopped their chatter and sat in rows in front of the great beast.

Leo cleared his throat. "The time has come to hit mankind like they have hit us." He tilted his head to one side and stared at the elephant herd and the rhinos. "They kill for your horns to make love potions." He turned his head to the right and his eyes rested on the other big cats.

"They kill us for our fur and to hang on their walls as trophies. How many more must we lose? How many more cubs must be made orphans? How many parents must have their children snatched away from them so that humans can stare at them through bars of a cage in zoos or see them do tricks in circuses?" Leo took a deep breath.

"They eat us in some countries," a voice whispered to his left.

"They send dogs after us for sport and ferrets into our homes," squeaked Mr Fox and Mrs Rabbit.

Leo nodded his head. "We kill but we kill for food. We live by the laws of the jungle, but these humans have no laws. They not only kill us, they kill each other." He threw back his head and shook his thick, golden mane. "They must be stopped."

Mr Bat flew forward, and Leo stepped to one side.

"We have a solution." Mr Bat flapped his wings. "We bats carry a virus in our body. It is not harmful to us but to humans, it is fatal. We call it The Corona Virus and it is highly contagious."

"How can we infect every human, though," someone shouted from the back. "Won't you need like millions of bats?"

Mr Bat shook his head. "No, that's the beauty of this disease, it's so contagious all we have to do is infect one person and let them do the rest."

All the animals started to talk at once.

"Silence," Leo roared.

The forest became quiet. All eyes concentrated on the lion and the bat.

Leo turned towards Mr Bat. "So, when can you start?"

Mr Bat gave a high-pitched laugh. "A very brave bat has given his life for the cause and as we speak is getting consumed by some human. She, we know is getting on a plane to Britain. The pandemic should be wiping out the population in a few hours."

Leo sighed. "Once the humans are made extinct, we can take back what is ours as it was before humans came and messed it up. Our oceans will be clean and not polluted and our jungle laws will be put in place."

The animals gave a big cheer before they disappeared back into the undergrowth of the forest.

Horror Writing Contest
Contest Winner
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