Humor Fiction posted June 6, 2020

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Best Served Cold Contest Entry

Revenge Is Sweet

by DragonSkulls

I was already uptight from doing my typical Sunday shopping
and heading into the Dollar Tree for my last stop. As I walked in,
I noticed an overweight woman coming in right behind me. Being
the gentleman my mother raised me to be, I stepped to the side
and held the door open as she came through. She acted like I
wasn't even there. She didn't make eye contact, acknowledge
my existence or even say thank you...nothing. I thought to myself,
"What a lousy (I'll leave this word to your imagination.)" Like I said,
I was in a bad mood. My next thought was, "Now I want revenge!"

I walked around the store gathering the few things I needed, all
the while replaying the events of that encounter over and over
in my head. By the time I got to the checkout line I had calmed
down and I decided just to blow her rudeness off. But then she
came up behind me in line and all my anguish came rushing
back. I turned and looked at her to see if there was the slightest
hint of remorse in her eyes. She just stared at me as if me being
in line in front of her was a major inconvenience. I paid for my
items and headed for the exit but stopped to aimlessly stare at
the numerous quarter trinket machines just to bide my time.

While she was paying for the few things she had, I slowly made
my way to the exit door. As she approached, I pulled the door to
hold it open for her again. A second before she got there, I let it go.
Bonk! She ran right into the edge of it. As she stumbled backwards
with a dumbfounded look on her face, I said, "You're welcome," and
then walked out.

They're right, revenge is sweet. My day was looking brighter.


Best Served Cold writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a flash fiction tale of REVENGE. Maximum 800 words. This can be in any genre and can range from a light-hearted prank to a murderous act of vengeance. Clever twists and irony encouraged.

No, this isn't true. I would never do that. But I sure do think about it quite often. Lol.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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