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A Storm is coming contest entry.

The Basement

by Shirley McLain

 Raina was used to the temperatures in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi; being used to the weather is not the same as tolerating weather.

The sun's pink-tinted rays barely visible in the eastern sky showed the promise of a hot day, and it was already in the 90s. Raina stripped off all the clothing she could as she tried to go back to sleep. The early morning time was her best sleeping time, but not today. Raina couldn't remember an early morning being this uncomfortable. Being twenty years old didn't give her a broad frame of reference, but it was all she had to go on.
Being 300 miles from home didn't bother her. She had a great ground floor apartment and a job as a legal secretary that she loved. Since this was Saturday, she was going to sleep as long as she wanted. Her mind was slowly wrapping around the fact her body would put her out of bed. It’s My day off, and I want to sleep! Lord, this is not the way I planned my morning.

Climbing out of bed, she headed for the bathroom. While taking care of her morning business, Raina began to have thoughts about what she would do today. Randy is an early riser; maybe he would like to go to breakfast this morning. Looking in the mirror, she put her long blonde hair up in a loose bun on top of her head. Her blue eyes sparkled as she thought of Randy with his black hair and sexy blue eyes and that body. He is such a sweet fellow. I just wish I could entice him. He wants to ignore me as much as he can. I won't give up. It's not in my nature.

Coffee on the patio was the first thing on her agenda. The patio contained beautiful plants, and the bird songs always gave her a sense of peace. She was sure this morning would be no different. 

Walking through the living room, she flipped on the TV.  She didn't even know what channel it was on. The background noise makes it easier for Raina as she does other things. The kitchen and her coffee were her only focus. Since it was six in the morning, it didn't matter.

Standing in front of the coffee pot staring out the kitchen window, she began to notice the sky outside. It was an odd black, greenish color. She opened the back door and stepped out. Raina experienced an eerie feeling. The air was thick and not moving. She backed into her kitchen and shut the back door. That certainly didn't look good.

The TV started beeping, and she went to see what was happening. The weatherman was showing a funnel cloud in Green County. Where is Green County? At least four counties away, I think. Raina ambled back to the kitchen, silently thanking God she didn't have to worry about the storm now.
Coffee in hand, out to the patio she went. The wind wasn't blowing, and the oppressive heat remained. One nice thing about a storm, the air will be cooler. The birds hid in the trees and bushes. There were no sweet songs being sung.

Sipping her hot coffee, she resumed her thoughts about Randy and how much she liked him. Then she realized it was too hot on the patio for coffee. The coffee heated her insides, and she couldn't enjoy it as she wanted.

In the house, she pulled off her robe, slipped on a pair of Levi shorts and a tank top. The makeup would melt off her face, so she pushed that thought out of her mind. Randy was next on the agenda.

Next door, she knocked on the door a couple of times. Randy came to the door in pants, no shirt, and tousled black hair. Hello Raina. He is looking fine.

"Hi, Randy, how would you like to accompany me to breakfast, my treat? " 

Randy thought for a moment before he answered. "I'm sorry Raina, I don't want to leave the house right now. Please, come in. Would you like a glass of iced tea?"

Raina stepped through his door and answered, "Sure, that sounds good."

"Have a seat, and I'll turn the TV on in here, and we can watch the weather. I'll be right back."

The TV came on to the same channel that Raina watched. Randy disappeared and returned quickly with two big glasses of tea.

"Thank you, Randy. It will hit the spot," Raina said. That body of his is to die for. All he would have to do is flutter his long lashes and I would be his.

"Nothing any better when hot. Did the reporter say anything new?"

"No, you were only gone a couple of minutes." Raina giggled.

"Oh well, just know I do have a basement here, so if a tornado hits, you have a place to go."

"Thank you, and I appreciate you telling me. Tornado's scare me."

The two of them sat on the couch, laughing and talking and paid attention to the TV only part of the time. They were amazingly comfortable with each other.

Air horns blew loudly outside, and the TV began buzzing as it does for emergency notification. "Please take cover now. A funnel is on the ground in Pitts country. Take cover away from windows, preferably in a cellar or basement," the broadcaster announced.

"Come on, let's go. We may not have much time." Randy took Raina by the hand and led her to a door. "Hold on to the railing and be careful. I don't want you falling to a concrete floor."

Randy descended the steps and flipped a light switch. "Ok, come on down and be careful."

One step at a time, Raina headed down the steps. Just as she reached the bottom step, her heel caught, and she fell forward. If Randy hadn't been there, she would have hit face first.

Being in his arms was like heaven. She didn't want to leave his arms, but she knew she would have to move. The lights flickered and went out. Raina could feel the tension and heat rising as Randy slid her down his length to stand on her feet.

Randy sort of moaned and took her face in his hands and kissed her. It was one of those kisses that made her knees weak. He was shaking, and so was Raina. "You want to do that again?" Raina asked.

"How can you even ask that? I'm all yours," Randy said as he captured her lips with his own.

Neither of them heard a sound from the storm. They were too busy building a storm of their own.

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