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Horror Story contest entry

Matching Tattoos

by DragonSkulls

Horror Contest Winner 

After her shift ended and the bar closed, Selena Perez locked
up and left out the back door into the alley. Just before she
reached her car, a man grabbed her, spun her around and
pinned her to the wall. Holding her arms, he seductively gazed
down at her tank top. "Don't fight it, Senorita." She knew what
evils awaited.

Selena smiled at him and said, "Matar."

Beneath his hands, he felt her skin intensify in heat. Instantly
releasing her, he stared bewildered at Selena's matching
saber-toothed tiger tattoos. He watched as they moved, encircling
her arms, down to her fingertips, where they dripped like molasses
to the ground. Her attacker stared in horror as her falling ink took
shape and grew.

He didn't make it ten feet before her tigers pounced. He felt their
enormous fangs and claws tearing him into pieces before he could
even scream. While feasting on his remains, Selena called back
her guardians. They returned and both sat facing her. She ran her
fingers through their fur and whispered, "Volver."

Their bodies collapsed back into ink and the process reversed itself.
They circled back up her arms and again became her matching
saber-toothed tiger tattoos.


Writing Prompt
Write a short flash fiction story between 100 to 200 words based on the themes specified in contest details.

Contest Winner


I don't know Spanish but when looking them up online it said that
'kill' is 'Matar' and 'return' is 'Volver.' If this info is incorrect, please
excuse my ignorance.

Thank you for reading.

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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