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A Game of Kings

by DragonSkulls

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I am the king of my surround,
King Dryden of the Stanford Crest.
I sent a missive with my squire.
I wrote King Prescott to the west.

The invitation scribed in scroll,
requesting counsel face to face.
With swift reply, accepting terms
if he might choose the time and place.

We met at dawn at river's edge
that separates our two domains,
while at our backs our armies stood
with thousands deep upon the plains.

We each desired the other's wealth.
No victor stood through battles fought.
The years have ended many lives
and knights have fallen, all for naught.

So, I proposed to end our wars
where not one drop of blood shall spill.
A match between the two of us.
A simple game of luck and skill.

He questioned of the stakes at hand
and what conditions to declare.
"The loser of this game we'll play
will forfeit then the crown they wear?"

And I confirmed what he had asked.
"Yes, one will reign and one will fall.
Whomever triumphs in the end
shall be the one who rules it all."

"What game perchance might you suggest
to boldly warrant this accord?"
My jester knelt with outstretched arms
that held the royal gaming board.

The Sorry board was turquoise blue
with inlaid spaces ivory white.
The pawns were carved from precious gems
that glimmered in the morning light.

He met my eyes and then he said
with admiration in his voice,
"A truly noble test of kings.
Let me commend your game of choice.

"I recommend you think this through,
a certainty you can't ignore.
This Sorry game of wit and chance,
a game I've never lost before."

I snickered at his comments made.
"Then we shall see, for nor have I.
Much thought's been given to this choice.
Do you accept or now deny?"

King Prescott looked upon his queen.
Her faith was strong that he would win.
She nodded yes, he turned and said,
"Choose then your pawns and let's begin."

I called for chairs and stand to use.
My bishop shuffled cards anew.
We placed our pieces on the Start.
I chose the red and he, the blue.

To start the game, at river's edge,
where both our kingdoms interlock,
our fate decided I'd go first
when he played scissors, I chose rock.

So, from the deck I drew an eight.
I couldn't move and passed my turn.
The game had only just begun.
This setback was of faint concern.

He drew a two, a pawn was out.
The rules require he draw again.
He softly smirked and moved his piece.
The card that followed was a ten.

It took four turns to free a pawn.
I shook my head at this delay.
My single pawn was far behind
while he had two of his in play.

A few moves in, my luck had changed.
The cards were favored on my side.
One pawn he owned, kicked back to Start
when my piece landed on the Slide.

The game progressed and neared the end.
With each move made our armies roared.
We both had three pawns safe at Home,
with one piece left upon the board.

I only needed eight to win.
My victory so close, but then
King Prescott drew a Sorry card
and knocked me back to Start again.

His pawn advanced with fortuned haste.
No cards I drew could free my own.
Then, too, I pulled a Sorry card,
but he was in his Safety Zone.

He pulled a card and met my eyes.
He calmly reached to move his pawn.
He drew a three to win the game.
My precious kingdom then was gone.

His armies cheered resounding praise.
I boldly honored his demands.
My queen and I removed our crowns.
I placed them both in Prescott's hands.

I'll not forget my own defeat.
I curse that wretched day in Spring.
The trumpets blew, his Jester cried,
"I give you all...your Sorry King!"

Thoughts of Fluff: Sorry! (Game Review)

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I created this picture from different Google Images.

(1934 - Parker Brothers/Hasbro)

Game Set Up

1. Choose your pawn color and place all of your pawns on the START space.

2. Shuffle the cards and place them on the board. There are 11 different types of cards in the deck and they all allow you to do slightly different things. (There is no 6 or 9 card.)

The cards included in Sorry are:

1: You can move a pawn from the start or move forward 1 space.

2: You can move a pawn from the start or move forward 2 spaces. You must
draw again.

3: Move forward 3 spaces.

4: Move backward 4 spaces.

5: Move forward 5 spaces.

7: Move forward 7 spaces or split between 2 pawns (e.g. 3 spaces for
one pawn, 4 spaces for another).

8: Move forward 8 spaces.

10: Move forward 10 spaces or move backward 1 space.

11: Move forward 11 spaces or switch places with an opponent.

12: Move forward 12 spaces.

Sorry!: You use it to bump an opponent's pawn to the start.

3. Decide who goes first.

Game Rules:

1. Draw a card at the beginning of each turn. You need to draw either a 1 or 2 to make your first move.

2. Jump over pawns that belong to you or to other players.

3. Bump your opponents' pawns if you land on an occupied space.

4. Slide if you land on a SLIDE triangle. As you slide, bump any other pawns (including your own) back to the START space.

5. Observe the SAFETY ZONE. If your pawn is in your safety zone, nothing can knock it back to start. Not even a Sorry card drawn by an opponent.

6. Shuffle the discard pile if you use up all of the cards before the game is over.

7. Get all of your pawns to the HOME space to win the game. You need to draw the exact number of spaces between a pawn and your home space in order to get there. The number cannot be higher than the amount of spaces between your pawn and the HOME space.

Thank you all for reading.
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