Spiritual Poetry posted May 7, 2020 Chapters: -1- 

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God May Punish; To Save Resources, Please Read Author Notes

A chapter in the book O My God and Mother Nature!

God's O' Divine Eyes

by Alcreator Litt Dear

A spiritual poem; God may punish; test here; please read Author Notes

God's O' Divine Eyes
Omniscient Omnipresent Eyes
Divine Omnipotent Eyes
Supremely Surveillant Eyes

O' Divine Eyes

Divine Eyes
Incessant Insightful Eyes
Visibly Invisible Eyes
Incessantly Interpreting Eyes
Non-stop non-blinking Eyes
Evidently He punishes all man's mortal vices

Eyes; yes, His Divine Eyes
Yes, truly, we know, God's O' Divine Eyes
Earthily He punishes all the destructive sinners' lies
So test by telling lies, committing crimes, misinterpreting anything or anyone




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God's= refers to God is or God has, as it would feel appropriate, or right; a reference is given below

O' = refers to Omniscient (God has Omniscient status, having full, complete, limitless or unlimited knowledge)

O' = refers to Omnipresent (God is Omnipresent as He is present everywhere in His Own Infinite Creations or Space or Place, simultaneously)

O' = refers to Omnipotent (God is Omnipotent, having unlimited or universal power, force; or authority, all-powerful)

This work is Chapter 1 of the book

Earthily means in an earthy manner

God is religion/ community/ creed/ caste/ convention/class free, as God is not a follower of or God does not belong to any specific or particular, known or recognised religion, community, family, continent, country or nation; God is the Only Creator of this Universe, infinite objects, including man

This does not hurt anyone belongs to any religion, faith, belief known or unknown, recognised or unrecognised, you know or you have read

This does not promote or canvass any specific or particular religion, religious faith/philosophy/doctrine/theory/concept/thoughts/practice/convention/custom/creed/scripture/book or work

This has no concern with any known, recognised, unrecognised or published creed, culture, convention, religious act, faith, trust or belief in God or about God's acts or God's words

This has my original thought

As I have endeavoured to compose this free verse poem in an acrostic flavour, for your knowledge, I give below just an example of an acrostic form; an acrostic spells out the chosen word going down, you know
D anielly Bael
A nthony Gael
N orthony Pael
I nky Noel
E my Soel
L ampy Joel

Enjoy the spiritual free verse poem, rhymes or meters free, not an acrostic poem, not a contest entry; I have tried to compose the work in an acrostic flavour, additionally, in my own art and style of expression

Repetition is intentional as repetitive words are purposeful in order to help you feel the essence and spirit of the poem because, I think it is necessary and unavoidable as lesser punctuation is purposeful and intentional

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