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Fear Not The Meter

by DragonSkulls

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Let's s'ppose your meter's off a hair
and words won't fall in place.
Just man'pulate your po'm like this
to gracef'lly 'void disgrace.

Apost'phies are your greatest friend,
just 'pply them where you please.
Fear not the qual'ty of your work
or lack of 'bilities.

So 'lim'nate any obstacles
where syll'bles just don't fit.
Then 'ssume the grav'ty of it's worth
don't sound like pointless shit.

How el'gant po'try flows with ease,
so beaut'f'lly from the heart.
The harm'ny of the crap you wrote
'loquently turns to art.

Yes, for'ver we'll all 'buse this ruse
to cr'ate a masterpiece.
How brill'antly this farce is used
through phony expertise.

I'm sure we 'gree to dis'gree so
take heart to what I say.
Some use ridic'lous ploys like this
to win in games we play.

To 'commplish c'rrectly metered verse
don't stoop this crappin' low.
Some disc'pline and some 'telligence
can 'chieve the perfect flow.


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