Satire Poetry posted January 10, 2020

This work has reached the exceptional level
Because taxes bring out the artist in me...

The Art of Procrastination

by Y. M. Roger

20 Item List Poem Contest Winner 

The dreaded day has fin’lly come,
I’ll be on time this year –
Got everything quite organized,
Oh, yeah, tax day is here!

But first I have to wash the car,
And clean the dashboard too –
Eeeew, yuck! This carpet’s quite a mess,
It needs a good shampoo.

You know, while the hose is unwound,
The garden needs a drink –
There’ll be time enough for taxes,
When I am done, I think.

Oh, no! Here’s our library books,
They need to be renewed –
And how about while I’m online,
I order out some food?

Also, I need to email mom,
And send in those faxes –
It will be just a few moments,
Then I'll start those taxes.

This computer screen needs cleaning,
Best clean the desktop too –
Wait now... are those curtains dusty?
Into the wash with you!

I’ll toss the den ones in with them,
And fix that curtain rod –
Those taxes should be easy ‘cuz
My man's quite a tightwad!

I’ll clean the windows and the floor,
The room will really shine –
Look at that bookcase full of dust…
A few swipes and it’s fine.

I ought to check on FanStory,
Review and answer some –
Oops! Can’t forget to exercise,
Don’t want to be a bum…

Hey! Look at that: the food is here,
I need to have a bite –
Tomorrow can be my tax day,
When time is not so tight…


20 Item List Poem
Contest Winner



The poem's twenty things to do (while you're avoiding doing your tax return):
1. Wash the car
2. Clean the car's dashboard
3. Shampoo the car's carpet
4. Water the garden
5. Renew library books on line
6. Order food online
7. Email mom
8. Send two faxes for work
9. Clean the computer screens
10. Clean the desktop
11. Wash the office curtains
12. Wash the den curtains
13. Fix the curtain rod (in the den - lol!)
14. Clean the den windows
15. Clean the den floor
16. Dust the den bookcase
17. Review some posts on FanStory
18. Answer some reviews on FanStory
19. Exercise for the day
20. Eat the food ordered online

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