General Poetry posted August 29, 2019

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Free verse on Cleveland-LLoyd Quarry, San Rafael Swell, Utah

Dinosaur Quarry

by CrystieCookie999

Broken rock fragments
lie like a slag pile of dinosaur dreams
in the afternoon sun.
The wind picks its way
around colorful mounds of dirt,
where Allosaurus bones dominate this riverbed lot,
granitized, mineralized, sterilized
by millennia after millennia.
I run my finger along the narrow edge of a stone,
compare it to Stegosaurus back plates
and begin to imagine...

Massive bodies of other thirsty dinosaurs,
Barosaurus,* Camarasaurus,
Camptosaurus, Haplocanthosaurus,
bleary eyes blinking in the sun,
move slowly, ship-like
down the river channel,
their hunger and thirst too loud in their heads
to notice that suspicious rustle of rushes
near the murky water
or the dust cloud in the distance
where juvenile Allosaurs have ganged up
like young pirates to go hunting.

The air in the trailer-like building
housing the latest excavation
is stuffy, suffocating, and I feel
my nostrils flare like an ancient lizard,
facing the warm, sticky mud of this vanishing pond,
layers of silt and muck slowly stiffening,
with dust old as the fossils themselves
already collecting between my toes
to encrust the crevices
like the beginning of barnacles.

Gneiss is Nice, or Rocks Rock contest entry

Original title: Impressions of the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry, San Rafael Swell, Utah
* A Barosaurus is a giant, plant-eating dinosaur closely related to Diplodocus
Photo is of an Allosaur skull in the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry area
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