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Eternal Life

by Cogitator

If we realized we live forever, what goals would we not achieve??
James Cameron's genius is apparent in "Avatar." When he depicts the Na'vi greeting one another by looking into each other's eyes and saying, "I see you," he tells us that the upcoming communication is universal. The veil of ego and selfishness vanishes, so only truth remains. At the end of the movie, when Neytiri saves Jake, the first thing he says when gazing into her eyes is, "I see you." So..., I'll see you.
Sigourney Weaver (the scientist) discovers that Pandora's energy imbues all the living things on her face. Cameron compares Pandora to Earth. Indeed, the atoms that comprise our avatar (animal body) are borrowed from Mother Earth and will eventually have to go back to her.

There are many other scenarios in the film related to the current condition of humanity. The climactic battle pits Pandora's animals against the juggernaut of imperialism. The invading earthlings are defeated and sent back to their origins so the Na'vi can live happily ever after.
The transformation of Jake from indoctrinated Marine into the heroic savior is much like Joseph Campbell describes in "The Hero with the Thousand Faces," the mythical and mystical journey of one seeking the meaning of life.

From the moment Neytiri, Jake's eventual love, rescues him from viper wolves by killing one about to pounce, he begins to see life differently. When he approaches her and tries to thank her for saving him, she smacks him across the head with her bow. Stunned, he asks:
"Why did you do that?"
"He did not have to die. You made this happen, and you do not belong here. Go back to where you came from."
"But I have no idea where I am."
"You're like a baby, making noise, don't know what to do."
She turns and walks away into the forest canopy, and Jake tries to follow, but she confronts him again and threatens him. As she speaks, glowing entities waft from above and settle onto Jake's body. Neytiri accepts this as a sign from Eywa (the pantheistic spirit of the planet) that Jake should live. She relents in her demands and takes Jake to meet her parents, who are the tribal leaders. Her mother is a seeress and tells Neytiri to teach Jake the ways of the tribe.
Jake is taken in hand and taught how the Na'vi relates to the planet. Cameron uses the following scenes to mirror the Western Hemisphere populations before the invasion of Europeans. Respect and unity with Mother Earth; respect and harmony with each other; never taking more from the earth than what is needed, etc. Jake soon realizes that the greed and power of the military/industrial complex are responsible for human ills. He changes his loyalty and eventually triumphs. The movie has so many parallels with life on earth that it requires multiple viewings for the best interpretation.
"The simple secret of the Universe is we create our reality." Captain Edgar Mitchell, NASA astronaut and founder of Noetic Science.
Noetic: From Greek, meaning inner wisdom, direct knowing, intuition, or implicit understanding. Michel Foucault also addresses this trait in "Archaeology of Knowledge." Dr. Mitchell viewed the earth from space when he had his epiphany of seeing connectivity in all things. His website attempts to help others experience that same epiphany.
"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena will make it achieve more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence." Nikola Tesla.
"Learn to see; everything is connected." Leonardo da Vinci.
Leonardo was not the only one to recognize this fundamental rule.  Gauthama Siddartha, the first Buddha, said the same thing when referring to the oneness of everything.  Carl Jung made the same observation, and Albert Einstein's Relativity equation boils down to depicting that all forms are manifestations of energy.  The first step to understanding the self and bringing it under control is accepting that fact.
Tarthang Tulku is a Tibetan teacher (lama) who introduced the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism into the United States, where he works to preserve the art and culture of Tibet. He oversees various projects, including Dharma Publishing, Yeshe-De, Tibetan Aid Project, and the Odiyan Copper Mountain Mandala construction. His book series on time, space, and knowledge (TSK) has impacted millions of people worldwide.
We have three elements to employ when we create our reality -- Time, Space, and Knowledge. I prefer the word understanding rather than knowledge because a piece of knowledge is merely trivia until we connect it to our body of experience.
"If you want to understand your universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration." Nikola Tesla.
We are born (usually) with five physical senses to experience our worldly travels.  These senses provide input to the brain for evaluation and action (or inaction.)  Each physical sensor is "tuned in" to a specific range of vibrations that allow it to communicate its findings to our inner being.  If we allow the ego to make comparisons or judgments of those findings, we will suffer consequences.  Only our intuition will "feel" the true meaning of the stimuli we experience.
Personality comes from the word "persona," which means mask or veil.  The ego falls relatively short in its ability to discern the connectivity of its observations because the senses provide only a tiny slice of what is there.  Because of its stubborn insistence on seeing itself as separate and judgmental, it spoils the harmony and synchronicity of life itself.
We are aware of living through our communication capability while existing in our current avatar (animal body). Our avatar has five senses to differentiate other forms of energy in our milieu. Energy waves are constantly bombarding us to provide information about our current state and the scenario we observe. Our envisioned universe is the image of our ability to understand WHAT we are.
Our bicameral animal brain is receiving energy waves but interpreting them differently. Our left hemisphere works according to Tesla's definition. It analyzes frequencies to imagine TIME, quantity, number, value and occupies its thinking with material comparisons. It is a digital representation of life.
The right hemisphere receives the same waves but interprets them in terms of amplitude. This ability gives us the concept of SPACE and produces artistic endeavors, creativity, love, and all things intangible. Our brain radios have AM/FM receivers (Amplitude Modulation/Frequency Modulation) and work the same way any radio tuner does. We tune in to stations we choose, and we have the same power whenever we "tune in" to our imagined universe.
Our kindred spirit is continually operating in the Here and Now. Its sole task is to keep our avatar in balance with our universe. It monitors our body for out-of-balance conditions to maintain homeostasis. It creates a "comfort zone."
When we cut our finger, it marshals the forces of fibrinogen to dam up the flow of blood, much like beavers dam a creek. When an infection strikes, the immune system antibodies swarm to the front lines to destroy the interloper. Our spirit is our healer, just as Mary Baker Eddy writes in "Science and Health," the foundation of Christian Science:
"Divine metaphysics (as revealed to spiritual understanding) shows clearly that all is Mind and Mind is God, omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience. That is all power, all presence, all Science. Hence, all is, in reality, a manifestation of mind."
Helen Keller is probably the best example of this fact.  Blind and deaf from an early age, she could write fourteen books and help found the American Civil Liberties Union.  She did that from her natural mind.  The ego thinks in subjective terms when judging its observations, thus is always at least partially faulty in its evaluations.  Helen Keller had no ego to interfere with her accomplishments.
Because spirit is always HERE/NOW, we must understand that it has always been and always will be HERE/NOW. There is no death of anything, only transformation.
"There is no loss of energy in the universe." Isaac Newton.
Consciousness is all we ever need. All else is ego wants. How ludicrous would it be to evolve our ability to make thoughts manifest and then lose that ability? Consciousness is eternal. We don't own life—life owns us.
If we agree that everything must connect to BE, it is necessary to understand what the connection(s) is(are). For this realization to occur, we can employ the wave/particle theory of higher mathematics. The equation that proves the wave's existence is identical to the one that demonstrates the particle's existence. The vibration between the two (energy wave identifies particles and particles feel the wave) creates THOUGHT. The technology uses zero and one to represent waves and particles in our computers.
All computer programs, routines, systems, etc., are strings of zeros and ones representing congealed thoughts. We can label them trains of thought or schools of thought that create cultures and belief systems. The great majority of earth's human-animal population goes through their daily, weekly, monthly, etc. routines ignorant of the fact that others' thoughts activate them. Our herding instinct creates collective consciousness that imitates others and prevents new ideas from affecting them by using cognitive dissonance (Denying).
A thought is not a thing; it is a cycle of energy. Much like the electron orbiting the atom, it follows the path of awareness, attention, analysis, action, and adaptation. The orbit will never be identical because energy is always in motion. It is Pi. The circumference of a circle cannot ever come to a complete number.

We call this evolution, and evolution will continue in the same manner as the Nautilus. It starts building a new chamber as soon as it moves from the previous one to allow future growth. Deniers do not grow.
If we imagine grabbing onto the electron at any point in orbit, it is the same as "stopping a thought." From this point of view, we have a chance to make more connections in our universe. The Big Bang occurs each time we activate thinking and feeling holistically.
We have eternity to understand the infinity of our universe. Enjoying our vacation playing on Gaia's face is the goal. We have the opportunity to join in the dance or commiserate about our fortune.
Government has a branch for both waves and particles—materialists and spiritualists. Politics today are skewed toward material possessions and survival, and religions address our relationship with creation and eternal life.
The development of the human ego is usually linked to material possessions and control of power. Spiritual growth happens when we release possessions to become free spirits. The reality we choose is what hurts us the least. Addressing ego demands causes humanity's suffering.
Matter makes sense, and senses identify the subject. Sense matters and matters determine sensing ability. We use thinking and feeling to navigate our path(s) to our goal(s). The question becomes: What dreams are essential to every one of us? Only one---Eternal living and expanding into our next iteration.

 Let us realize that our life, in its totality, proceeds through our animal brains. That mind is a combination of habits that we can modify to any extent and thereby gain complete mastery and control of our existence. We must remove all lies obstructing and obviating truth, not learn something from prejudice. Like Michelangelo crafting David from a slab of marble, we must chip away all the unnecessary and untrue thoughts veiling our common Spirit to reveal the truth of what we are.

Higher Life is not a matter of reading and the adoption of theological or metaphysical hypotheses. Spiritual Principles cannot be understood by this method. The Higher Life is higher living in morality.

We have eternity to understand the infinity of our universe.

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