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Ghost Poem contest entry

Woast Wabbit

by DragonSkulls

Ghost poem Contest Winner 
I finwy killed that wascal Bugs.
I cooked him nice and swow.
Woast wabbit was the wecipe,
with cawwots that I gwow.

Upon that dawk and scawy night,
my bewwy full of hare,
I fewt an eewie pwesence,
wike someone ewse was there.

I gwared into the other woom.
Fwom shadows by the cwock,
I heard a waspy, cweepy voice.
It whispewed, "What's up Doc?"

I was vewy, vewy quiet,
in fear I hewd my stare.
I wecognized the smokey ears.
The ghost of Bugs was there.

He fwoated on the moonwit air,
this gwowing hologwam.
I said awoud, "You should be dead."
"You dumb maroon, I am!"

The air gwew thick with wancid stench,
I fwoze deep in a twance.
He thweatened me with death and wwath.
I neawy cwapped my pants.

I bewwowed out in agony.
My bewwy chuwned and twist.
I hollewed out, "You scwewy wabbit,
what is causing this?"

He vowed I'd die a howwid death.
in pain he could fowsee.
The wabbit shouted, 'Say your pwayers,
you ate a poisoned me.'

I fewt my innards bind and wwithe
It waughed, Bugs Bunny's ghost.
He knew I'd die because I ate...
a wabid wabbit woast.


Writing Prompt
Write a poem about a ghost. fact or fiction, any length. Must rhyme, method of rhyme up to writer.

Ghost poem
Contest Winner


I can't believe how ridiculously hard it is to mimic Elmer Fudd with every single word.
Like trying to put a 'W' where every 'R' or 'L' is at. It simply can't be done, especially
when the 'R' or 'L' is at the end of a word. So some of the words are regular.
What can you do? Lol.

Here's the list of the words, in order, in case some aren't quite catching what they're saying:

Finally - finwy
Rascal - wascal
Slow - swow
Roast - Woast
Rabbit - wabbit
Recipe - wecipe
Carrots - cawwots
Grow - gwow
Dark - dawk
Scary - scawy
Belly - bewwy
Felt - fewt
Eerie - eewie
Presence - pwesence
Like - wike
Else - ewse
Glared - gwared
Room - woom
From - fwom
Clock - cwock
Raspy - waspy
Creepy - cweepy
Whispered - wispewed
Very - vewy
Held - hewd
Recognized - wecognized
Floated - fwoated
Moonlit - moonwit
Glowing - gwowing
Hologram - hologwam
Aloud - awoud
Grew - gwew
Rancid - wancid
Froze - fwoze
Trance - twance
Threatened - thweatened
Wrath - wwath
Nearly - neawy
Crapped - cwapped
Bellowed - bewwowed
Belly - bewwy
Churned - chuwned
Hollered - hollewed
Screwy - scwewy
Rabbit - wabbit
Horrid - howwid
Foresee - fowsee
Rabbit - wabbit
Prayers - pwayers
Felt - fewt
Writhe - wwithe
Laughed - waughed
Rabid rabbit roast - wabid wabbit woast

Plus, I created the pic myself, if anyone might care. Thanks for reading.

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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