General Poetry posted May 18, 2019

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For Our Family 'Space Cadet'

by Y. M. Roger

They say that sisters should be close,
That there’s a bond between the two –
But let’s be honest, Space Cadet,
‘Tis not the case with me and you...

Our differences can fill a tome,
While similarities are few –
In fact, I bet our maiden name
Would be the one thing that would do...

‘Hap-hazard’ was your middle name,
‘Random’ and ‘chaos’ your voodoo –
Mixed with my ‘perfectionist’ curse
Our house was quite a toxic brew...

Those years we had to share a room
Had us both strugglin' to get through –
We never really understood
Each other’s ways or point of view...

But when I finally left home,
It's true I so missed you-know-who,
And that's not changed through time and miles,
‘Cuz Space Cadet?  I do love you!


Family poem writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a four line five stanza poem about a family member. Line two,four, six, eight, etc. must rhyme.

From the time she started walking and talking and making my life a crazy place, I called my little sister 'Space Cadet' -- mostly because she was 'spacey' (dingy and absent-minded) and couldn't just be 'normal' (a pre-teen me's words) but also because, yeah, I figured out that it really annoyed her.....what can I say? We're sisters! ;)

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