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His training began long before MI-6...

Early Days of 007

by Y. M. Roger

Five Card Stud....And More! Contest Winner 

As a child, James always won at ‘I Doubt It’ –

So much so that Ms. Bond worried about it…

But she confessed with a sigh,

That his career as a spy,

Might not have been as successful without it!


Writing Prompt
Write a fun limerick about your favorite card game... poker, go fish, Uno!, Pinochle, Hearts, and MANY more!! It could be about the card game itself or an experience you had (fictional or not!) playing cards. :) ;) ;)
And we're not going to be 'hard over' on the syllable count, folks -- just make it fit the general format of FIVE Lines with aabba rhyme scheme. Of course, the b's there are usually shorter than the a's, but we'll let the voters decide if yours is the best! ;) ;)
And, remember: make it fun! Make it entertaining! But, most of all, make us want to vote for yours! ;) ;)

Five Card Stud....And More!
Contest Winner

'I Doubt It' (also known as 'Cheat' and 'Bullsh**'):

The goal of the game is to be the first player to get rid of all their cards. When a player puts their last card on the table and either is not doubted or, upon being doubted, is shown to have announced correctly, they win the game.

The player on the dealer's left places from one to four cards, face down on the table. As they put them down, the player announces that they are putting down as many aces as the number of cards. For example, the player may put down three cards, saying, "three aces." However, the cards need not be aces; the player does not have to tell the truth!

Any player at the table may then say "I doubt it," in which case the cards must be turned up. If the player's statement was true the doubter must take up those three cards and all other cards that have been played on the table previously, into their hand. If the announcement was false in any respect, the player who didn�¢??t tell the truth must take all the cards on the table, including those just put down, into their hand. []

Image of 'Is James Bond the Ultimate Card Player' from Back to the Movies []
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