Mature Poetry posted May 3, 2019

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Carnal Caperings contest entry

Robot Love

by DragonSkulls

The author has placed a warning on this post for language.
The author has placed a warning on this post for sexual content.
I watched the postal truck pull up.
Anticipation grew.
I'm at the door in just a towel.
I'm pretty sure he knew.

I signed for her delivery.
The driver's name said Fred.
He looked at me with pure disgust
and slowly shook his head.

I shrugged him off and turned around
and dragged the box inside.
With little haste I cracked the crate.
My lover had arrived.

Instructions said she's fully charged
and ready for the dicks.
To activate her dirty talk
just press the number six.

With sexy charm she asked my name.
Her hard drive saved to RAM.
The memory uploads each time
she'll moan what stud I am.

I researched all the tech online
and what her model does.
"Are you feeling horny, babe?"
Why yes, indeed, I was.

I rolled her on the tile floor,
stiletto heels on wheels.
The bedroom carpet tripped us up.
I doubt her fracture heals.

I laid her on the silky sheets,
removed her plastic bra.
Her boobies felt like real boobs feel...
as real as I recall.

I pulled a nipple to my tongue
and licked it with desire.
Then it popped off in my mouth
and shocked me through the wire.

My mustache burned atop my lip
but this I will admit.
I gave good thought but then declined
to try the other tit.

I pressed the number six again
to hear her offer choice.
A man yelled out in Japanese,
"Fix her fucking voice!"

Stupefied, I paused in awe
yet chose to pork her lips.
The vacuum force was so intense
I thought it cracked my hips.

I used a lamp to hit her face
to free my aching prick.
But still it raged in throbbing need.
Why yes, I know, I'm sick.

Her panties, made of plastic too,
were screwed on at the butt.
I broke a leg to tear them off
this cheap robotic slut.

I plunged into her man-made hole.
My weiner raw and numb.
Two minutes in, she finally worked.
"Your gonna make me cum."

I thought a little lubricant
might moisten up down there.
Malfunctions in her humming snatch
blew oil everywhere.

I didn't care, it felt so great,
like fucking robots should.
I got so close and then she said,
"Oh, baby, you feel goo

Before I spewed a hefty load
my robot lover died.
They claimed that she was fully charged.
Those sorry bastards lied.

I turned on my computer,
typed in a porno site.
I yanked on my own pecker
like I do every night.

I pretended she was watching,
my lifeless manikin.
So sexy propped against the wall,
where I had plugged her in.


Carnal Caperings writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a poem in any style on the topic of Carnal Caperings. Can be off-colour, naughty, smutty, sexy, adult content. Poke fun would be good. Show us what you?ve got. Length optional. Come up with a fantasy or stick to reality. (No animals, children, or peanut butter in case of nuts allergies.)


After Adult, it didn't give me the option to pick the humor category as well. What can you do? Thanks for reading this ridiculous piece. That's if you made it to the end. Lol.

My thanks to Google Image as well for this fantastic picture.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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