Romance Fiction posted February 26, 2019

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Desire can drive a man to commit the most brutal act


by Lordinajamjar

Blind from birth, and incapable of speech, she tilted her face skywards. It bloomed radiant pink under the rays of a warm Spring sun. Her dazzling beauty accentuated by the glowing star attracted many admiring glances.

Now Tom was a young lad whose hormones were fiery hot.
He was overwhelmed with thoughts of l'amour. Nervously, he glanced around to ensure that nobody was watching. He made his move, venturing closer to the dazzling beauty that caught his roving eye.

She did not notice his menacing presence at first. Her whole being was focused on a higher astral plane, far beyond normal human understanding. Her solar bliss was interrupted as she became aware of his close proximity. He leaned closer. The stench from his putrid animal breath overcame her sweet perfume.

Tom stared at her beautiful features and eyed her slender body. Now was the moment and he could barely contain himself. He looked around once more, to make sure there was no one present to witness the senseless act.

Unable to escape her worst nightmare, she felt his warm clammy hand squeezing painfully around her waist. Her tiny struggle did not even register in Tom's animal consciousness. He took her without thought. He showed no mercy despite her discomfort and pain.

Tom was delighted with himself. He stood up quickly. His face all flushed. Without a backward glance he fled the scene of his crime.

As he approached the railway station he saw Elisabeth, the girl he was going to marry.

Tom approached Elisabeth and produced the hidden surprise from behind his back.

Elisabeth's face lit up. "Oh Tom. It is absolutely beautiful."

She kissed him tenderly as she accepted the stolen pink flower from his brutal hand.

The dying flower was wilting. Its suffering finally coming to an end. Slain without ceremony. All in the name of human love.

Surprise Me writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
This is a flash fiction contest. Write a story that has a surprise ending. Since it is flash, the word count must be between 200 and 600 words. The ending can be funny, sad, shocking, etc. But the reader has to be surprised.


This story was written for a contest which required a surprise ending.

Several readers were unaware of this fact when they commented. So I decided it was only fair to add some authors notes. I wrote the beginning of this piece to deliberately misdirect the reader from realizi that the victim in the piece is in fact a flower. This is clearly revealed at the end.

The description. "Desire can drive a man etc" was also written to deliberately misdirect the reader into believing that they were going to read something quite different to what actually occurs in the story.

For you sharp minded readers who caught the gist this just wasted a few moments of your time. I am sorry. For the rest of you sharp minded readers who were misled. I am sorry.

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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