Children Poetry posted February 6, 2019

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Not quite the same in the freezing cold!

Blow Me a Bubble. . .

by Y. M. Roger

Thrills-N-Chills Contest Winner 

freezing bubbles … what a rush

see children’s faces full of wonder

blow one…watch it float…SHATTERS!


Writing Prompt
You are to write a 7-9-7 poem that tells us something fun or exciting (or maybe even a little risky) that you and friends or family did during this record cold snap. It can even be about something you saw some other folks doing -- totally wide open here on subject matter. Just be sure to entertain us and maybe even shake our heads in disbelief...Oh! And make sure it's the truth! :) :) :)
A 7-9-7 is a three-line poem that has 7 syllables in the first line, 9 syllables in the second line, and 7 syllables in the third line.

Contest Winner

I used to do this with my preschoolers decades ago. So, when it got so cold and the little 4-year old next door was driving her grandmother crazy (it was too cold for Missy, the grandmother, to go outside), I mixed up a batch and played outside blowing and shattering bubbles with the little girl while Missy had a break (I didn't want to publish the little girl's name without her mom's permission - Missy didn't mind!). :) You don't have to be four, though - you've really got to try it! :) :) Check it out here:

Sorry, I didn't even have my phone with me to take pics so you get a Google Pic! :) LOL! :) Image of 'Snow_Bubbles' from Google Images
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