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Contest Entry: Character/Cast for Cable TV Pilot

Island Badges [Inside Galapagos PD]

by Y. M. Roger

Cast of Characters:  Letters associated with each can be paired with corresponding letters of animals found in the Galapagos Islands. This animal listing follows ‘The Case’ explanation at the end of the Cast listing.

Chief Javier C. Lion – Police Chief, Galapagos Police Department
The Chief is a large, jovial fellow that is always considering the political ramifications of any departmental activities. Constantly butting heads with his Captains; however, in the end, he always has their backs.

Captain Maryann I. Guanan – Captain, GPD’s Aqua Division
Slender yet intimidating, Captain Guanan is extremely logical with little in the way of a sense of humor. She denies she has any contact at all with her sister who is mother to Lava.

Captain Guyant “Torty” Hardshell – Captain, GPD’s Land Division
Slow but very methodical, Torty has a stream of never-ending questions with regards to any case, closed or open. He is very easy-going and is always running late.

Indigo “Bluey” Boobar – Private Detective along with his sister, Red
One of two gumshoes in the Islands, Bluey has a good relationship with the Aqua Division, but his relationship with Prey and Languan as a team is strained since he is Languan’s ex-partner, having quit after the incident.

Scarlet “Red” Boobar – Private Detective along with her brother, Bluey
In business with her brother and best friends with Zena, Red is actually seriously involved with Billy Largess. Although the two are trying to keep their relationship a secret for now, Bluey and Zena both know of it.

Detective Hawkeye G. Prey – GPD Land Detective, partnered with Languan
Named after Hawkeye Pierce on MASH (and hating the name), Prey is a by-the-book detective that has a negative attitude toward Bluey because he quit the Force to work a more lucrative job (or so that is what Prey believes). He also doesn’t like the fact that Pinky still goes out for beers with her ex-partner.

Detective Pinquanna “Pinky” Languan – GPD Land Detective, partnered with Prey
Pinky is probably the least pretentious person alive. In fact, it could be said that she is a slob with her unmatched clothing and hair that could definitely use some attention. She is, however a very loyal friend and very trustworthy.

Officer Penelope “Penny” Gwynne – GPD Aqua Beat Cop
Fresh out of the Academy, Penny comes across as a bit of an airhead, but she is actually borderline genius. She has an eidetic memory that has helped her and Furlong out of more than one tight situation.

Officer Selim “Seal” Furlong – GPD Aqua Beat Cop
Seal is a twenty-six year veteran of the force with no ambition of moving up to detective. He lives for the beat and has been responsible for successfully training some the departments shining stars to include Captain Guanan and Detective Prey.He has the patience of Job and a complete understanding of the political workings of the GPD and beyond.

Officer Chelonian “Shelly” Green – Dispatch/Front Desk, GPD Aqua Division
A flamboyant and colorful personality with the make-up and hair to match, Shelly is the heart of the Aqua Division’s Headquarters. She always has a bowl of homemade candies on her desk to share, and she knows everything about anyone and gives advice “free of charge” whether asked for or not.

Officer Billy Largess – Pilot, GPD Aerial Patrol
Always projecting an air of self-confidence and devil-may-dare attitude, Billy is actually quite a homebody and is head over heels in love with Red. He has big plans to fly her to the top of the volcano and propose at Christmas. He and Bluey have a bit of a strained relationship, but Billy makes it work because of his Red.

Doctor Zena Dovetail – GPD Forensic Scientist
Best friend of Red and on-again, off-again lover with Chief Lion, Zena is actually in exile from her family in the small African nation of Nairobi. She has abdicated all claims to that throne and prefers her current life as a scientist, but she tends to slip in and out of the ‘royal’ personality without warning.

Officer Conal Landau – GPD Land Beat Cop
Conal is a straight-up family guy with five children under the age of ten. His wife fixes a lunch for both him and Lava every day and Lava joins them frequently for dinners. Conal is more of a father-figure to Lava even though there is only a four-year difference in their ages.

Officer Lavada “Lava” Guanan – GPD Land Beat Cop [niece of Captain Guanan]
Lava is a complete ‘wild child’ and the daughter of the Captain’s estranged sister. She is totally unpredictable yet has found an anchor in Conal and his wife and is working on acting and becoming more mature.

Madame Hoary Batte – known Madame and former prostitute in the seedier parts of the Islands
With all the manners and presence of British royalty, Hoary is a master politician as well as manipulator. She is the Madame of the largest brothel in the Galapegos. She walks a fine line to keep a good repertoire between her girls and the GPD as well as keep an open door and safety policy for her girls and the two cartels.

Stephen “Stinger” Scorpio – Head of the Galapagos’ unpredictable and rising Astrology crime cartel
Having pulled together all of the discards and/or rejects from the long-standing Poison Cartel, Stinger has managed to whip them and some new recruits into shape as a viable new cartel he’s designated Astrology. But Stinger’s got a secret regarding Captain Hardshell that he intends to use to the fullest potential.

Darwin “Goliath” Sinpeda – Head of the Galapagos’ oldest and, to date, dominant Poison crime cartel
Goliath is the aging head of the Poison Cartel that sees his mortality slipping away. He is determined to see the end of Astrology before it peaks and has begun to show irrationality in his decisions with regard to its rise.

The Case:  A body has been found on one of the more remote beaches of the smaller islands. The female was wearing a blind-fold and has obviously been submerged in water for three or four days. Billy reported that there were a large number of footprints visible from the air when he reported the body, but, when Prey and Languan arrived, the beach has been raked clear. The woman bears the tattoo of Batte’s Brothel on her hip and multiple strands of red hair have been pulled from between her teeth, although Hoary denies the Jane Doe’s association with her enterprise. Meanwhile, there continues to be a rash of unsolved abalone poaching in the area. Is there a connection between the two? And can the GPD solve this mysterious murder case without bringing shadows of doubt and corruption over both Divisions?

Wildlife of the Galapagos Islands . . . Letters correspond to the character named for the described animal.
A. The
Galápagos Sea Lion (Zalophus wollebaeki) is a species of sea lion that exclusively breeds on the Galápagos Islands and another small island called Isla de la Plata.
B. The
Galápagos Marine Iguana or marine iguana (Amblyrhynchus cristatus), also known as the sea iguana or saltwater iguana is a species of iguana found only on the Galápagos Islands that has the ability, unique among modern lizards, to forage in the sea, making it a marine reptile of the Galápagos sea.
C. The
Galápagos Giant Tortoise complex (Chelonoidis nigra and related species) are the largest living species of tortoise. Modern Galápagos Tortoises can weigh up to 417 kg (919 lb).
D. The
Blue-Footed Booby (Sula nebouxii) is a marine bird native to subtropical and tropical regions of the eastern Pacific Ocean. It is one of six species of the genus Sula – known as boobies. Approximately one half of all breeding pairs nest on the Galápagos Islands.
E. The
Red-Footed Booby (Sula sula) is the smallest member of the booby and gannet family, Sulidae. As suggested by the name, adults always have red feet, but the color of the plumage or ‘morph’ varies. In the Galápagos Islands, most belong to the brown morph, though the white morph also occurs.
F. The
Galapagos Hawk is closely related to North America’s red-backed and white-tailed hawks and is endemic to the Galapagos Islands. It is one of the world’s rarest raptors, with an estimated population of just 150 breeding pairs.
G. The
Galápagos Pink Land Iguana (Conolophus marthae) is a critically endangered iguana native only to the Wolf Volcano in northern Isabela Island of the Galápagos. It has a pink body with some dark stripes, prompting some to call it the Galápagos Rosy Iguana.
H. The
Galápagos Penguin (Spheniscus mendiculus) is a penguin endemic to the Galápagos Islands. It is the only penguin that lives north of the equator.
I. The
Galápagos Fur Seal (Arctocephalus galapagoensis) breeds on the Galápagos Islands. They are the smallest of otariids and have a grayish brown fur coat.
J. The
Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas), also known as the Pacific green turtle, is a large sea turtle whose range extends throughout tropical and subtropical seas around the world, with two distinct populations in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It is also found in the Indian Ocean.
K. The
Galápagos Flycatcher or Large-Billed Flycatcher (Myiarchus magnirostris) is a species of bird endemic to the Galápagos Islands, where it is present on all the main islands.
L. The
Galápagos Dove (Zenaida galapagoensis) is a species of bird endemic to the Galápagos. It is fairly common and is found in a wide range of open and semi-open habitats, especially in the arid lowlands of the Islands.
M. The
Galápagos Land Iguana (Conolophus subcristatus) is a species of lizard endemic to the Galápagos Islands.  Charles Darwin described the Galapagos Land Iguanas as "ugly animals, of a yellowish orange beneath, and of a brownish-red colour above: from their low facial angle they have a singularly stupid appearance."
Lava Lizards. Microlophus is a genus of tropidurid lizards native to South America. There are around twenty recognized species and six of these are endemic to the Galápagos Islands where they are popularly known as lava lizards.
O. The
Hoary Bat (Lasiurus cinereus) is a species of bat that lives throughout most of North America and much of South America, with disjunct populations in the Galápagos Islands.
P. There are two species of
Galapagos Scorpions. The endemic Centruroides exsul and an endemic subspecies of the common yellow scorpion, Hadruroides maculatus. Both are relatively common but neither has a particularly serious sting for humans. They are nocturnal hunters, preying on other invertebrates which they seize in their claws and sting to death.
Q. The
Darwin’s Goliath Centipede (Scolopendra galapagensis) grows up to 43 cm. It is one of the largest centipedes in the world and is probably the most feared animal in the Galapagos Islands. It is common in the arid zones, residing in cracks and crevices during the day and coming out to hunt at night. It preys on insects, lizards and even small birds, inflicting a poisonous bite with a large pair of jaws.

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