War and History Poetry posted November 25, 2018

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A soldier's lament...a story of lost love

'A Hundred Years'

by RGstar

Love Bites Contest Winner 
A hundred years


Ashen blue the land 'neath the old iron bridge, above his resting place awaits his love
A touch of white this year, as many before--snow like lost fathers scattered thereof
And if at peace, still lonely is a man locked in own heart--lost in grey battlefields
Where with comrades entombed, he in death sleeps, though this day death his soul yields


Nineteen sixteen--newlywed, how precious words, "I do" would barely become
Honeymoon's eve, a day; yesteryear, with the fallen, he fell, in battles of the Somme
Each year, come the hour, his soul midst headstones yearn...wuthering winds discern
For with it; humanity, her scent his sanctuary, her presence; piety...this her sixtieth return

The silence too awaits her, ushering familiar steps to the turning of a page
Frozen leaves crackle beneath her feet--a particular melody, undeterred by age
How he has imagined their silhouettes a thousand times, free the barriers of now
Her upturned collar bears a single bloom--a symbol of remembrance somehow

"Walk with time my love, for again we shall meet, beneath that bridge, by the glen"
His epitaph, she knows well, when certain a whisper in ask, not of if...but when
Love bound, like ink to a pen, and if leaves could speak, she'd swear whispers again
A hand drifts in salute to her love, as too, in mind, the loss of twenty thousand men

Alas light gathers as she turns to leave, unaware he has seen the tracks of her tears
Yet, If life allows, an oath she'll keep, until they meet, each poppy lay for a hundred years

...just simple ways
till close of days

...for her love


Writing Prompt
Write a poem about love gone wrong or lost love. It can be sad, raw, or just plain angry (Just keep it clean). Express the emotions of the darker side of love. Any style or length. Be creative.

Love Bites
Contest Winner


Wuthering= (of weather) characterized by strong winds
Discern= recognize
undeterred= still continuing to do something or enthusiastic about doing it despite a bad situation
Ashen=literary...of, or resembling ashes.

I wrote this to mark the one hundredth centenary of The Armistice.

THE ARMISTICE was the ceasefire that ended hostilities between the Allies and Germany on the 11th of November 1918. The Armistice did not end the First World War itself, but it was the agreement which stopped the fighting on the Western Front while the terms of the permanent peace were discussed.

This poem is borne out of respect of a harsh reality, with a different take on the subject matter, one of everlasting love.

God Bless the fallen...Lest we forget.
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