Spiritual Poetry posted October 8, 2018

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A 13 Line Poem. Read Author Notes

Living God's Coming Today!

by Alcreator Litt Dear

Please read Author Notes. Our God's Coming
Our God’s coming; wake me up at predawn.
Under this sky, from Heaven, He’s coming ‘fore morn.
Refresh yourselves, we’ll receive our Omnipotent Livin’ God.


Go see, al’ children are keenly waiting to see, talk and touch God.
Only, He’ll reach us sharp at His Divine moment of this morn.
Down from Heaven to His Earth, He’ll step right at this dawn.

Simply, softly, He’ll speak in our languages; call and shake me up.

Call me up ‘fore Desto’ moment 3.33 a.m. now it’s 11.01 p.m. up.
O man, feel how Thy Glow is flowing, His Gifted World's shining up!
Make Him no questions in a hurry; see al' living beings are in merry.
I know, He is Omniscient; raise me up 'fore Desto' time, don’t worry.
Nothing is unknown to Him about state of ours mortal earthly living.
Get up early, dare I sleep tonight; His Light's started glowing.   



Enjoy this 13 line poem (I do not claim it an acrostic poem, truly, but I have tried to give you a flavour of an acrostic on the phrases, not on the title of the poem: OUR GOD'S COMING, this is purely my thought, not borrowed concept from any specific religious scripture; this work is is intended not to promote any specific religion, we all know, truly and commonly, God is religion free, God is God, God does not belong to any specific house, religion, community, place or group of people or institutions for He is the Creator of the Infinite Universe)

This does not promote any specific, recognised, known, unknown, published or unpublished book, concept, religion, scripture, faith, belief, doctrine or philosophy

Thy = Your (archaic used deliberately to address God)

Desto' = Destined

'fore = before

Livin' = Living

al' = all

God's = God is

World's = World is

Light's = Light has

Repetition is deliberate, though essential, to help you feel the essence of the thoughts

Picture borrowed from internet

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