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A chapter in the book God Omniscient Deeds

O My God I......

by Alcreator Litt Dear

A 24 Line (O My God I Belong To Your Words) Acrostic Poem on God's Words I teach and preach

O my God I belong to your words

My soul reads for man to appreciate Thou thru' Thy Words

You whisper me, or as those are scripted by sages and bards

Get tuned, flown, rung in my heart words by words

Only I see Thy Lights upon edges of the swords

Do show my belonging to a few of Thy Infinite Words

I find, I feel, I believe, I too, per Thy Will belong to Thy Words

Belong to each life worth changing Thy Alpha Swords

Ever I see me blessed with Thy Gracious Words

Love Thy True, Gifted, and Live Words

Only Thou Guide me for man the way to preach

Not to break any but praise before all hearts to reach

Go along explaining Thy Words simply to spread to teach

Those I meet, relate, and contact I scribe expressing words

Only as Thou Enkindle, Empower my tongue with Thy Words

Your grand, gracious, good and ground words for mortals living

Open and flow for inspiration by all means expressing

Unto my heart's content, I add no colour of my intent

Rooting the essence, power, glow and glory of Thy Words potent

Words per Thy Will, Wish and Plan to help make prayers of Thy children

On good living on Thy Gifted this World as a family of men and women

Remembering Thy Warning in teaching to avoid committing sins

Dance in muse, singing the note, melody of Thy Words in their kin(s)

Spread words as my assigned duty in our and my kin(s)



O my wise reviewers, please read this Author Notes in order to and with an object to save our priceless resources and save our precious time

Enjoy this 'O My God I Belong To Your Words' acrostic poem composed in my own style and art of expression of an acrostic poem

This site did not allow me to use the space for writing the full title of this acrostic poem in 24 letters, that is why the title is written in 7 letters (O My God I...)

This is almost punctuation free, you know it is intentional

Please note, this Picture, I think is appropriate for and significant to the title of the poem, for an example, for appreciation of essence of God's Words and not to refer to or mention, an act of promotion or canvassing of a specific or particular religion, religious scripture, or thought or word of philosophy; Inclusion or non-inclusion of a picture to any published work is a writer's choice, a relative term, and it does not refer to wisdom, stand and or popularity of a writer; for none can say the last word or best on for anything, nothing but God's words are true, correct, right as man cannot act anything like God and man cannot foretell for God has gifted man no power or ability to foretell (telling a word about future or future happening or next moment) , so only God can tell or foretell the last word, man cannot say anything as the best or last for man

Thru' = a word expressed in short for the full word 'through'

Thou = an archaic word means you (as we address God)

Thy = an archaic word means your (as we address God)

Alpha = an archaic word means an alphabet, word, or letter

To spread to teach means to spread for teaching

You whisper me refers to you whisper to me

Promote or preach means to promote or preach the essence of God's Words and not to canvass or advertise a specific or particular religion, religious community or religious scripture

God is a word to refer to God as I preach God is religion free, for we know man has formed, founded or set up religion as per his faith or belief and has given a name of a religion, so, God is a word relates to mankind, and as such, God does not belong to any religion we know, for God is beyond any specific religion, community or class of man

Theme means and refers to what I do feel and do about and with God's Words, Words of God or Words from God, Words that God whispers, beyond any specific religion or religious faith or belief or issue

Man refers to man includes woman

Men refers to men includes women

Kin(s) = means relatives; refers to the word kin; use of word as kin(s) is deliberate

It is deliberate not to maintain any fixed meter in this acrostic poem

Rhymes are not always perfect and these are intentional, and expressed to give the readers a pleasant read of the poem

Repetition is deliberate and purposive

First alphabet or letter in each line of the poem is in red colour to help you see, check in or find the acrostic words to make this in acrostic order of letters and to compose this an acrostic poem

Picture borrowed free download from internet

Thank you for reading and reviewing

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