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Jedrek's Journey

by Y. M. Roger

The author has placed a warning on this post for sexual content.

It was late, and Jedrek was hot. The sun on his roof earlier as the water lapped about had warmed him through, but now? Without the water? Not so much.
Just one foot, then the other….
At least the hot nights allowed a nighttime crossing: no winter chill and fewer storms. The hard, black ground of the crossing emanated a heat of its own as it usually did, although the smell he could have done without.
Foot forward, follow through with the next…..
Jedrek had come to both loathe and crave that smell. Loathsome because of the lives it had taken – coveted because of the lust that drove him to cross. Yes, he had to make it to–
Lights! Noise! Head down! Draw up! Become small!
The metal storm passed overhead quickly. Finally finding his breath, he chanced a look to either side.
Step out. Again.
Because Jedrek couldn’t stop now – the golden ribbon was in sight. Even with only starlight, he could see its beauty where it adorned the crossing. And that golden ribbon meant he was halfway there! Halfway to a fresh start and – he lifted his nose to the breeze for inspiration – yes! Halfway to her.
One foot front, the other follows……
The heat rising across his face mixed with the past storm’s emissions and choked him. Could the crossing be of different substance? Perhaps. But if the journey were easy, she may not see him as worthy  – traversing the deadly black for her.
Step over that golden marker. Ribbon smooth underfoot……
And Jedrek knew that he was more than worthy. He’d seen many of them eyeing him openly with desire on a previous cro–
Roaring! Deafening noise! Hide! Draw up!
That made three storms this night. Jedrek wondered at that – there were usually not this many after midnight.
Breathe. Head up. One foot in front of…..
Yes, he would have her – with her twinkling eyes and elegant neck. This was not his first rodeo, and the thought of riding her beauty propelled him forward. Because she? Oh, she was worth ev—
Lights! Rushing noise! Draw up! Tight inside!
The storm roared overhead……then stopped! Jedrek tried not to panic. Tried not to breathe.
Lie still! Stay small!
A monotonous pinging joined the storm’s stationary roaring, and, now, rhythmic beats along the ground approaching him. Jedrek sensed the ground fall away.
No! So close! Run!
Jedrek jerked his head into the unexpectedly fresh air – let his feet fly, but there was no ground! He just had to get away!
Run! Paddle! …..Pee!
Jedrek found no ground; his limbs flailed helplessly.
But he couldn’t. His stomach nearly gave-up dinner just as his feet found unexpected purchase……on her side of the crossing!
The rhythmic beats retreated; the pinging ceased. The storm thankfully moved into the distance. Dirt beneath his claws, he stared – trying to make sense of everything.
Jedrek blinked away questions.
Push! Hard!  
He slid excitedly down the hill into her pond. Morning would see him mated!


Flash Fiction Writing Contest contest entry

I had a brief meeting with Jedrek a while back and just had to include him in my writing this summer! Be sure to look out for all the "Jedreks" along the roads of your life! :) :)
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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