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Describing the character traits of Harry.


by HarryT

Harry is a smallish, sixteen year old, who in 1930 resides with his lower class family in Chicago. He quit school and went to work at 14 to help out. He is perplexed by a gnawing question: Why does his father react with anger when asked about his family in Italy?

He is persistent when his want or curiosity is aroused. Although, somewhat shy, but street-smart, he learns from experience, and demonstrates a steely resolve when obstacles block his path. He is a good worker and has a pleasant manner, friends and family like him. He is artistic and industrious; he earns extra money selling his drawings and water colors in front of his church on Sunday. However, he can be devious, if he wants something; he is not above lying or cheating. He is tenacious in seeking a resolution until the question is answered or his need satisfied.

The story is about my father, his need to know his father's secret, and his trip to Italy financed by stolen money to learn the secret.
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