Fantasy Fiction posted March 9, 2018

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by pome lover

Zard was a freckle-faced, red-headed Word-Wizard.   He looked so innocent and friendly that people smiled at him… until he opened his mouth and put spells on them.  Why did he put spells on them, you might ask?  Because he enjoyed showing off his very large vocabulary.

One time Zard pointed his wand at a poor, unsuspecting soul and said, “You are a homosapien.”  The person didn’t know what it meant and cried with embarrassment.  Zard laughed and laughed.  He was a smarty-pants show-off wizard.

But time passed, and Zard got old.  His shiny red hair turned musty gray and his freckles ran together on his wrinkled cheeks.  But even worse than that, (if you can imagine it) he began to forget the things he valued most: his words.

Then one day he had an idea!  He could steal words from kids’ brains!  By Jingo, what a fire cracker idea!


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Writing Prompt
In 150 words, give or take 2 introduce your main character. Give the reader a feel for what he or she is like. Protagonist or antagonist, doesn't matter. Stick to word count.

This is from a children's story I wrote about a wizard who lost his words.
It's 150 words.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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